Application Development Outsourcing

Arezzo Sky employs a highly productive, skillful, and disciplined team of 200 professionals that specialize in creating cloud-based and mobile applications for clients worldwide using the latest technologies, including J2EE, HTML5, Oracle, Linux, Apache, and Glassfish.

Client Needs

Our clients have a need for:

  • Faster time to market for new products
  • Cost savings in the development and maintenance of applications
  • Specialized application development skills
  • Testing products already in development
  • Internationalization of existing products
  • Conversion of products to cloud-based applications

Arezzo Sky Solutions

Our application development outsourcing services include both:

  • Staff augmentation services
  • Offshore software development centers

With application development outsourcing service from Arezzo Sky, our clients experience top quality at affordable prices.

Staff Augmentation Services

With staff augmentation, Arezzo Sky supplements your existing development staff on a temporary basis with specialized skills in the design, development, and testing of cloud-based applications.

Our staff augmentation services are available to companies that need at least ten staff-years of development work performed.

Offshore Software Development Centers

Arezzo Sky also offers offshore development centers where we assume responsibility for staff recruiting and management, the design, development, and testing of applications, and deployment management.

Our offshore development centers offer the lowest cost per staff-year and are available to companies that desire a development staff of at least 50 people.

To learn how Arezzo Sky can help you achieve your application development objectives, contact us.