Cloud Deployment Outsourcing

Arezzo Sky employs a highly skilled team of information technology professionals that specialize in the deployment and support of cloud-based applications, including frontline sales tools such as CRM applications and back-office systems such as incentive compensation and sales performance management applications.

Our cloud deployment outsourcing services are available to independent software vendors (ISVs) that are deploying cloud-based applications and need a full-time cloud deployment staff of at least five people.

Client Needs

Our clients have a need for:

  • Faster application responsiveness
  • Lower cost of deploying cloud-based applications
  • Specialized cloud deployment skills
  • Automated monitoring, performance tuning, and updating
  • Global 24×7 customer support
  • Advice on cloud deployment strategies and methodologies

Arezzo Sky Solutions

Our cloud deployment outsourcing services include both:

  • Staff augmentation services
  • Offshore cloud deployment centers

With cloud deployment outsourcing service from Arezzo Sky, our clients are able to deliver higher application performance, better customer satisfaction and loyalty through enhanced application support, and higher sales through competitive differentiation.

Staff Augmentation Services

If you are an ISV that runs a data center or utilizes a third-party data center such as Amazon Web Services, Arezzo Sky supplements your existing staff as needed or on a full-time basis with specialized skills in the deployment and support of cloud-based applications.

Offshore Cloud Deployment Centers

Arezzo Sky also offers offshore cloud deployment centers where we assume responsibility for recruiting and managing information technology staff and the deployment and support of applications, including monitoring, performance tuning, and updating.

To learn how Arezzo Sky can help you achieve your cloud deployment objectives, contact us.