Business Development Outsourcing

Arezzo Sky has deployed many dozens of sales and marketing professionals to assist our clients in lead generation and business development, with a focus on leveraging audio and video technology, including hardware such as IP phones and software such as WebEx and BlueJeans, to educate and sell with a personal touch.

We also utilize CRM applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and, and leverage social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter, to achieve a level of productivity that is typically not achievable using internal resources that lack exposure to a broad range of technologies.

Client Needs

Our clients have a need for:

  • Rapid ramp up of business development teams
  • Deployment of more salespeople at a lower cost
  • Expertise in the implementation and use of CRM applications
  • Global expansion, including to countries where local language skills are important
  • Advice on technology-leveraged selling strategies

Arezzo Sky Solutions

Our business development outsourcing services include both:

  • Staff augmentation services
  • Offshore business development centers

With business development outsourcing services from Arezzo Sky, our clients experience higher sales at a lower cost of selling.

Staff Augmentation Services

With staff augmentation, Arezzo Sky supplements your existing business development staff on a project basis or a permanent basis by providing you with the resources and capabilities to sell more at an affordable cost.

Offshore Business Development Centers

For companies that want to build an offshore business development center, Arezzo Sky offers business development outsourcing services where we assume responsibility for staff recruiting and management, the implementation and maintenance of supporting technology, and the management of the business development process.

To learn how Arezzo Sky can help you achieve your business development objectives, contact us.