Sales Operations Outsourcing

Arezzo Sky has served dozens of Global 2000 companies with a staff of 100 people that have expertise in managing sales operations functions, including incentive compensation management, quota setting, territory optimization, sales force automation, data management, and data analysis and reporting.

Our sales operations outsourcing services include the implementation and maintenance of sales performance management software such as Optymyze, Callidus, Xactly, and IBM (Varicent). These services are available to mid-sized and larger companies that have at least 200 people being paid commissions daily, weekly, or monthly.


Client Needs

Our clients have a need for:

  • Focus on their core business as they expand their sales forces
  • Lower cost of sales through more efficient operations
  • Expertise that they lack internally
  • Improvements to accuracy
  • Flexibility to make changes
  • Advice on best practices and standards in sales operations management
  • Higher productivity and effectiveness of their salespeople

Arezzo Sky Solutions

Our sales operations outsourcing services include both:

  • Staff augmentation services
  • Offshore sales operations centers

Staff Augmentation Services

If you have a sales operations department and need to augment your staff during peak periods or on a permanent basis, Arezzo Sky will provide you with the resources and capabilities to get more out of your salespeople and lower the cost of sales.

Offshore Sales Operations Centers

Arezzo Sky also offers offshore sales operations centers where we assume responsibility for staff recruiting and management, the use of best practices and standards in the management of sales operations, and the delivery of accurate information to salespeople, managers, and executives.

To learn how Arezzo Sky can help you execute your sales operations initiatives, contact us.